Important News Regarding Surf & Turf and Game Bird Recipe Dry Dog Food

Dear Fromm Retailer,

We want to make you aware that our Four-Star Surf & Turf and Four-Star Game Bird dry dog food recipes are transitioning to a new ingredient panel. The timing of this conversion will vary based on inventory levels of the individual recipes and bag sizes at Fromm and at your distributor. You may start to see some of the new product in the market now, and you can expect a complete transition in the coming months.

Below you will find links to comparisons of the old and new ingredient panels. The changes on these recipes are driven by the need to ensure that we have a sustainable supply of ingredients in the long term; this was the same motivation for the adjustments to Fromm Gold dog food last summer and to Duck À La Veg Recipe dog food in late fall.

Link to Surf & Turf Recipe comparison
Link to Game Bird Recipe comparison

In addition to the new ingredient panel, you will notice other minor updates to the packaging copy and descriptions. Most notably, the product name of Surf & Turf is being updated to Surf & Turf Recipe. These adjustments are being made to comply with the latest AAFCO guidelines, as well as to bring more uniformity to the messaging across all of our products.

Please visit for the latest information on all of our products.


George Johnson
Director of Sales
Fromm Family Foods

Jim Glassford
Director of Marketing
Fromm Family Foods

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