Certain Pet Companies are marketing with “Scare Tactics”

We received a very disturbing email this morning from a pet company that is trying to scare people about CBD products. They are saying the FDA wants to stop everyone from selling CBD and is sending letters to CBD companies to shut them all down.

This is a marketing scare tactic disgusted as a warning. As you read further toward the end of the email they are selling CBD from a company that is partnered with them.

YES, the FDA is sending out letters to companies that are selling CBD products as treats and other items because they are not being made with proper ingredients, While also making medical claims which is illegal.

Here at Paw’d Pet Supplies we can tell you that our products from Petreleaf.com have all the proper ingredients and information for your pet. They are NOT getting letters from the FDA because they follow the law.

To the company that emailed out to SO many retailers for your OWN purpose, you should be ashamed of yourselves. STOP🛑 alarming people! They are not stopping the sale of CBD. You have no right to do that!!

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